How to Keep Pigeons Away from My Balcony

Pigeons could be entertaining and fun to watch, but their waste and droppings could spread diseases to your family and pets and cause serious damage to your properties, especially exterior areas like a balcony. Fortunately, you could prevent this issue easily through some population control methods and deterrents. Read on to find out some simple, yet effective tips on how to keep pigeons away from my balcony.

How to Keep Pigeons Away from My Balcony

Asking yourself, “How to keep pigeons away from my balcony?” Use reflective or shiny materials, put animal decoys to scare them away, set up wind chimes and more.

  • Use Reflective or Shiny Materials
  • Reflective light would create a visual deterrent for pigeons and other types of birds because the sun irritates their eyes. Cut out some strips of foil and hang them around the balcony. Punch holes in disposable pans or plates and perform the same thing. Also, consider hanging reflective tape, mirrors or shiny CDs to prevent pigeons from flying around or roosting. Make sure to leave enough space for those items to spin and move around, which would scare these birds more effectively.

  • Put Animal Decoys
  • Pigeons will never go where they might be trouble. Thus, it can be wise to keep a fake animal on the balcony to scare these birds away. You can purchase a number of plastic, cheap animal decoys in many stores. Make sure to go for natural predators of pigeons, such as coyotes, swans, owls, or snakes. A model with a bobbing head can be more effective as it looks real by moving when having a wind. Move the fake animal to different places once in several days to keep the pigeons from noticing.

  • Set Up Wind Chimes
  • Another effective way to deter the pigeons is to set up wind chimes on your balcony. In addition to producing noises, metal chimes can also reflect light. It is best to hang the set around the corner of the area for the best results. If you have a large balcony, then set up multiple chimes apart from each other.

  • Use Baking Soda
  • Birds like pigeons do not like walking on a ground with baking soda. Thus, you can sprinkle this simple-to-find ingredients around the balcony to keep them from perching. Just apply a thin layer and replace it quickly after it gets wet or rains.

  • Play Bird Calls
  • Purchase a CD with bird distress sounds and play it around the balcony. You might need to turn up the volume so that it can reach up to the highest trees around your home. Even though it might be a hassle, this can be a very effective, yet harmless method of preventing pigeons from getting onto your balcony.

  • Use a Dog
  • Sheepdogs, border collies, and other dog breeds love chasing birds. Thus, consider hiring or borrowing a trained dog to patrol your balcony. Ideally, you should walk it early in the morning and evening when pigeons are most active. Make sure to use a secure leash and harness to keep the dog from doing harm to any birds.

    The Bottom Line

    While some pigeons are beautiful to enjoy and look at, many of them would be downright destructive and pesky. So, are you asking yourself, “How to keep pigeons away from my balcony?” With these simple tips, you can scare these birds away without harming them. Make sure to combine these methods regularly since birds can be relatively smart and identify your tricks. If the pigeon problem gets out of hand, the experts at Pigeons Solutions have the answers and services that you’re looking for and will effectively rid of pigeons on your balcony.

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