How to Keep Pigeons Away from My Balcony

Pigeons could be entertaining and fun to watch, but their waste and droppings could spread diseases to your family and pets and cause serious damage to your properties, especially exterior areas like a balcony. Fortunately, you could prevent this issue easily through some population control methods and deterrents. Read on to find out some simple, yet effective tips on how to keep pigeons away from my balcony.

How to Keep Pigeons Away from My Balcony

Asking yourself, “How to keep pigeons away from my balcony?”

Pigeons love balconies. It can be just a hang out spot or a nesting ground. The best solution and the one with the best outcome is netting off the balcony with bird netting. There are a couple of colors depending on what fits the balcony and architecture best. Using fake animal figures and reflectors don’t seem to work long at all if they end up working at all.


The Bottom Line

While some pigeons are beautiful to enjoy and look at, many of them would be downright destructive and pesky. So, are you asking yourself, “How to keep pigeons away from my balcony?” With these simple tips, you can scare these birds away without harming them. Make sure to combine these methods regularly since birds can be relatively smart and identify your tricks. If the pigeon problem gets out of hand, the experts at Pigeons Solutions have the answers and services that you’re looking for and will effectively rid of pigeons on your balcony.

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