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We offer screening for alcoves, beams and any other areas where wire mesh would be most functional. We customize our screen to match your home or building the best we can. Netting is commonly used on residential and commercial buildings. It is used when areas are not suitable for wire mesh. We strive on aesthetically pleasing and functional pigeon control.


We have a great amount of experience in commercial pigeon control.We offer a variety of abatements for both commercial and residential. Pigeon control for warehouses, over a/c units, balconies, parking garages and more! Installing pigeon control abatements ranging from fire stations, churches, warehouses, parking garages, retail, commercial signage, schools, medical plazas and more. We are insured allowing us to service small and large commercial sites/ projects.


We specialize in proper solar panel cleaning, nest removal and pigeon control. Solar panel screening is also known as pigeon critter guards. Pigeons love solar panels! We custom fit our screen to the solar panels. We do not use hardware that often becomes weak from the AZ sun and we DO NOT screw or glue material to the solar panels. We use a method that won't interfere with your solar panel warranty. Our solar panel screening comes with a 5 year install and manufacturer warranty.


We pick up any nests, eggs and loose droppings to insure waste is kept to a bare minimum during cleaning. Professional power wash and disinfecting treatment leaving any problem zones free of residual eliminating risk to pets or children. Chemical free and poison free. We offer trapping in certain situations and areas. Trapping is usually needed when there is open activity or a severe pigeon problem.


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