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Screening and Netting

We offer screening for alcoves or eaves, beams, rain gutters, a/c screening and any other areas where galvanized mesh would be most functional. We customize our screen to match your home or building the best we can. Screening is suitable for certain areas. If an installer uses screen in the wrong areas on a home or business pigeons may nest against the screen, the screen can become flimsy and fail. So knowledge is key. Our screening is the best in the valley where functioning and presentable can go hand and hand. Netting is commonly used on residential and commercial buildings. It is used when areas are not suitable for wire mesh. Netting can also be used for balconies, canopies and more. Our netting is high heavy duty for both commercial netting and residential and comes in 2 colors. We strive on aesthetically pleasing and functional pigeon control os our netting installs come out clean cut to perfection. Bird netting should only be installed by experienced installers. If a company does not have experience installing netting or proper training the netting will fail. A large amount of installers will substitute netting for screening due to lack of experience or material cost. It is crucial to use a company who is highly trained and knowledgeable in proper installs and knowing what pigeon deterrents work best for each areas characteristics. 

Solar Panel Critter Guards

We specialize in proper solar panel cleaning, nest removal and pigeon control. Solar panel screening is also known as pigeon critter guards. Pigeons love solar panels! We custom fit our screen to the solar panels. We do not use hardware that often becomes weak from the AZ sun and we DO NOT screw or glue material to the solar panels. Our galvanized screen is strong and sturdy. We do not use the PVC coated mesh because we find it to be flimsy and less sturdy. We cut our mesh into sections for stronger hold up and we do not do one long strip per side that we see daily installed by other companies and fail due to the flimsiness. Our method won’t interfere with your solar panel warranty. Pigeon Solutions LLC is a trusted installer and has been chosen by many solar companies to install pigeon solar guards for their installs. Our solar panel screening comes with a 5 year install and manufacturer warranty. If you have new panels and don’t have pigeons yet, we recommend getting screening installed as a preventative matter to keep them out and from starting to nest. This will also save you a large chunk when its done as a preventative pigeon control.

Cleaning and Trapping

Pigeon removal and cleaning is important and should be done as soon as the waste is becoming visible. Due to the toxicity of their waste and how quickly it can get out of control. Their waste can quickly cause staining and puts the home or business at risk for a costly roof leaks. When doing pigeon removal and pigeon cleaning we pick up any nests, eggs and loose droppings to insure waste is kept to a bare minimum during cleaning. Professional power wash and disinfecting treatment leaving any problem zones free of pigeon residual eliminating risk to pets or children. Chemical free and poison free pigeon control. We offer pigeon trapping in certain situations and areas. Pigeon trapping is usually needed when there is open roof pigeon activity or a severe pigeon problem. Pigeon trapping services are offered for residential, commercial and industrial. Our trapping process is highly involved and studied so we can catch the greatest amount of pigeons. Our traps are checked weekly and are a month to month service. Our customers are notified at each check and the outcome each week. We have techniques that deliver the best trapping results in the valley!


Pigeon control outcome depends on a few factors but highly on the professional that is hired. If the wrong material is used or installed incorrectly the pigeon control will not work.  Often customers get multiple estimates which is understandable but when choosing a company cheaper often lacks in quality and customers end up paying more by having to get the work re-done by another company. Pigeon removal and control is to eliminate the pigeons nesting areas to keep from infestation like any type of pest control.

Pigeon control is a must in order to solve the pigeon problem. If the work is put on hold the pigeon waste gets larger, the population grows and the cost goes up. The timing is crucial. The best results are seen when the pigeon issue is taken care of early on. When the nesting is taken away, the pigeons are left on the open roof making them vulnerable to predator birds and the pigeons will have to find a new building to nest on. If a pigeon problem is ignored and becomes severe  and the pigeons get stubborn making it harder to get them to leave as they are more attached to the structure and they may do abnormal things. Such as nesting on the open roof which is rare and mostly seen in severe cases or commercial roofs that need to be netted off. Hiring the right pigeon professional is a key factor in a successful pigeon control job. 

Pigeons departure depends on the severity of the pigeon problem and population on the home or business. Typically it takes 2-4 weeks. Can be sooner when the issue is minimum. But can be longer in cases of severity. 

-Neighborhood/ neighbors- You may realize some neighborhoods have a severe pigeon problem throughout the neighborhood. If your  home is next to a home that has nesting pigeons will often hang out on your roof due to the nesting being done next door. 

-Hiring a company who specializes in pigeon control mainly. There are some pest control companies who have expanded to doing pigeon control but the expertise is not there. The installs usually lack knowledge and experience. We always recommend taking a look at pictures of each companies work. Not all customers realize there is much better work out there and settle for deterrents that look like they’ve just been slapped up. Or you may see neighbors or houses with work done that’s not working. Not because pigeon control doesn’t work but because they went with the wrong company.

-Addressing the issue quickly! SO SO IMPORTANT and so beneficial. The structure will improve tremendously when the pigeon problem is solved head on. Timing plays a large role in the outcome.

We are glad to share we hardly ever get call backs. When we do it is usually due to painters removing our materials. If a customer does have a warranty call we get our customers scheduled in a timely manner, we go out and do an inspection and if it turns out to be covered under our warranty we do the  repairs on our materials / abatements at no cost.

Once pigeons have started nesting there is no ignoring them and waiting. Their offspring is born and before you know it you have family of pigeons taking over your home making it their own. Nesting has to be taken away in order to get them to stop. If there nesting areas are left open they will keep going back. 

We have a quick scheduling process. Once we receive the email confirming the estimate is approved we instantly respond with next availability. We do not take a day or more to get back to our customers. We have invested in a system that notifies both us and customers right away with any progress. We only hire family or technicians that can be properly trained to install pigeon control professionally. We do not have technicians in and out of our company. We value our techniques and only hire the best. Therefore once you are scheduled you are being serviced  by a highly trained by our owner and has done extensive shadowing to assure your install is perfect. 

We do not hire from other companies. Why? We do not want bad habits or wrongly trained technicians coming over and using sloppy techniques or improper techniques. Our employees do not rotate on the regular like competitors techs. We have a great work environment keeping out techs happy here. That allows us to invest in great hands on training and shadowing only done by our owner. We are owned and ran by the best pigeon control installer in the valley. Our owner has been in the field and has studied what techniques DO NOT WORK and has mastered spectacular techniques that work resulting the most sightly pigeon abatements. This reflects greatly on how well a company takes care of your home or business. Our installs are all done carefully and have both pigeon control training and proper roof techniques to assure care is used at all times and extra measures are done keeping already vulnerable surfaces from pigeon problems as safe as possible. 

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